Supports for exhibition and event organizers

We will attract higher-quality exhibitors and visitors from Japan and overseas to your exhibitions and events.
The key to the success of an exhibition or event is the quality and quantity of participants. Based on our 10 years of experience in attracting domestic and overseas exhibitors and visitors at Japan’s largest exhibition organizing company, we can help you attract more exhibitors and visitors of high quality to ensure the success of your exhibition or event, whether online or offline.

Recruiting exhibitors (Japanese/non- Japanese)
Inviting visitors (Japanese/non- Japanese)
Seminar speaker selection and request (Japanese/non- Japanese)
Consulting for exhibition organizers

We also offer a variety of services upon request.
If you have any questions about exhibitions and events, please feel free to contact us.

Services for non-Japanese companies entering the Japanese market

For non-Japanese companies, we mainly provide support in selecting exhibitions to attend in Japan, which is the first step to enter the Japanese market, as well as know-how and support to achieve results at exhibitions.

It is said that it is difficult to enter the Japanese market because Japan has many different business practices and structures from other countries. Based on our experience as an organizer of Japan’s largest exhibitions and attracting overseas companies to participate in Japanese exhibitions, we offer support in selecting exhibitions that meet your company’s needs, know-how on achievements, results at Japanese exhibitions, and support in exhibiting.

Selecting exhibitions to attend
Selecting a booth decorating company
Support for exhibiting procedures
Provisions on how to improve the results of exhibiting
Support during the exhibition period

We also offer a variety of other services upon request.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about entering the Japanese market.